Nutrition is the primary influence on one’s health, and is the greatest determining factor on weight management. 

We have created Fit Fresh Cuisine with the wellness and healthy living in mind.

At Fit Fresh Cuisine we believe that living well means eating well!  Enjoying delicious, nutritionally balanced meals is the absolute BEST way to improve your health.  We use only the finest ingredients and emphasize local and organic produce, all natural proteins and our meals are FREE of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers and trans-fats.  All of our salad dressings, sauces, baked goods, and soups are made from scratch.


Owned and operated by Registered Dietitian, Sarah Mattison-Berndt, Fit Fresh Cuisine is a healthy dining experience unmatched by any other restaurant.  Working closely with our chefs and dietitians, Sarah is able to create meals that are healthy and full of flavor.

With Fit Fresh Cuisine, there no longer is an excuse for not eating healthy.  Stop in today, your body will thank you.

Fit Fresh Cuisine is your go-to for healthy, fresh, delicious fuel.  We offer a variety of freshly prepared meal options that make healthy eating convenient for a busy schedule.  From weight management and sports training, to our real food cleanse and dine-in entrees, we make healthy eating fit for your goals and lifestyle.  Our chefs and dietitians work together to provide inspired, intentional, and influential meals. 

We strive to make meal time a highlight of your day with local and organic ingredients, sustainable seafood, and quality proteins free of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers and trans-fats.  Our from scratch sauces and dressings add bold flavors leaving you satisfied and ready to tackle the day!